cropped-piano-hands4.jpgGRUME is a research group that is part of the Graduate Program in Music from Federal University of Paraná (research line: Music Cognition and Education). Our research interests is to investigate the pedagogy of performance of the Brazilian popular pianist from the General Theory of Expertise perspective. If you are interested in the admission to the UFPR master’s and / or doctorate course with us, please read a brief description of our research project below:


GRUME’s weekly meetings are held on Tuesdays from 13h30 to 15h30 (São Paulo time zone). Our online meetings are open to the community and our activities are generally focused on: (1) readings and discussions of reference texts referred to our research interests; (2) seminars given by invited professors from other universities from Brazil and Latin America; (3) oral presentations of our students works, followed by rich reflexions and debates.

If you want to participate in our meetings, please just write a brief email demonstrating your research interests followed by a concise summary of your CV and musical activities to daniloramosufpr@gmail.com.

If you intend to develop an academic research on the pedagogy of performance of the Brazilian popular pianist, come to join us !